The Advantages of Spying Apps for Business: Monitor your Employees


Monitor and record screen, websites visited, chat, email, file copy, application, bandwidth usage, USB disk usage with employees monitoring apps.

Statistics say that 45% of businesses (and the number is climbing) are turning to cell phone monitoring. An increasing number of employers now use phone monitoring software to pinpoint problems within the workforce.

Do you think it’s a good thing or just downright wrong morally and legally? Do you want to know why this trend of monitoring employees is on the rise and how it can help your business?

In this post, we will give you a detailed assessment of the moral and legal issues involved plus the benefits of spy apps for your business.


Read on to find out all those answers

What Makes Spy Apps So Useful for Business?

1. Productivity and Security Benefits

As every good businessperson knows, even the smallest of issues in your business operations can derail your big plans. Since human beings – the workforce – are the most unpredictable asset of any business, it’s important to make sure they don’t become the “issues”.

Employing the services of monitoring software on company-given devices can keep your business secure and foreshadow any potential pitfalls so that the productivity of your business isn’t compromised.

2. Mobile Monitoring helps both Employers and Employees

Although it sounds paradoxical and unbelievable, spying on your employees’ phone activity actually has benefits for both sides of the equation. However, there are moral as well as legal apprehensions on the employers’ part, of course, and we’ll discuss them below respectively.

The Benefits for Employers

keep an eye on your employees

From an employer’s standpoint, here are the two main reasons to use cell phone monitoring:

1. To improve security and prevent data theft

A recent survey showed that approximately 31% of employees admit to sending confidential information, such as the company’s financial data, private product details and updates on future plans to recipients outside of the business, including competitors via email and text messages.

This is a serious security issue which can be addressed and prevented with by using powerful mobile monitoring software like Mspy. Using this facility, employers can remotely intercept employees’ mail, text messages and IM conversations like Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype and catch the person responsible for the breaches.  Such employees can then get retrained or receive a disciplinary action notice.

pc monitoring software

2. To increase productivity

If an employee makes the odd personal call or surfs the internet for half an hour, what’s the big deal?

Now look at it this way: if you have 1000-person staff in one of your branches and each uses the internet for browsing recipes or car deals one hour a day, your business could be suffering losses greater than $30 million per year in wasted human resource hours!

employees monitoirng software app

According to, studies show that of the total internet use at the workplace, 40% is spent on random, unproductive, non-work related web browsing.

Also, approximately 60% of online shopping is done during office hours meaning those internet hours are wasted.

The use of cell phone spy app can highlight non-work-related calls and web browsing in real time, as soon as they happen because those details are instantly uploaded to your online control panel!


Simultaneously the GPS tracking feature of the spy app will let you know if your employees are actually out on work errands or a shopping spree and if they are leaving the office early.

To find out more about Mspy, read our review of the spy app here. And follow the simple steps in our complete installation guide here to find out how to install a spy app on someone else’s phone.


The Benefits For Employees

employee benefits

So now that we know what good cell phone spy apps can do for employers let’s focus on the advantages for the employees. The most important and innovative measure is to use the mobile phone monitoring apps as a means of inculcating motivation among the employees.

The employers can track which employees are working consistently, giving extra time to work and not using company devices for personal use or spending office resources in unproductive activities.

Employees who live up to the employers’ expectations should be highlighted as the top performers and rewarded for their hard work. Those who fail to show enough commitment can also be identified as in need of additional training.                                                                                                           

Getting It Right: Moral and Legal Grounds

 “Gosh! Monitoring the employees’ mobile phones? It’s an invasion of their privacy!” is the knee-jerk reaction everyone has. But of course, you’re not going to monitor their personal phones and breach any privacy laws in the process!

Let’s establish some ground rules regarding monitoring your employees’ phone activity via spy apps:

  1. The company must own the device which is being monitored, meaning that of course, you’d never install a spy app on your employees’ personal cell phones. Only company-issued devices can be monitored.
  2. Your employees have the right to know that they are being monitored, so you’re morally and legally bound to ensure that they’re aware of it.

An easy way to do this, like most businesses are to include a clause in contracts or policy documents. However, since these privacy laws are complicated and vary depending on your location, your legal team should be able to help you with this requirement.



Mobile phone monitoring via spy apps can be a useful tool for both big and small businesses and their employees as well. However, it is important to take the time to choose the right spy software depending on your business requirements and make sure that it’s being used appropriately with regard to legal implications.

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