An invisible app lets anyone spy on Tinder users

Teens on tinder app

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps online which is quite the talk of the town. It seems like every age group is here on Tinder app and that is for one sole reason only that is to find companionship. Tinder is an online dating app people hooks up to the people who are nearby and while it may tons of advantages for adults. 

However, there is an alarmingly increasing number of teens coming to the site which is why Tinder seems to be becoming a breeding ground for sexual offenders rather than companionship.

Increasing number of teens on Tinder

Recent research shows that more than 7% of teenagers are now opting to use the Tinder and the numbers just keep on increasing. Some parents aren’t aware of the fact that their children are on Tinder.

With so much secrecy regarding the app from parents, it seems like the Tinder monitoring app is essential for every parent so that they know what their children are up to.

How to get a Tinder account and who can make it?

Makers of Tinder have tried to take extra caution in order to ensure that not just anybody can make an account on the site by linking it through Facebook. There is also the option of only getting in touch with people who you are interested in; which is why Tinder does in its own way ensuring its users are not harassed.

Apart from that, they have argued that only people nearby can get in touch with individuals and not outside which is why the circle is very much limited.

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Since Tinder is connected through Facebook, then there are few chances of fake profiles emerging on the Tinder. However, one needs to keep in mind that even on sites like Facebook profiles can be made within an instant which is why it doesn’t necessarily ensure privacy amongst its users.

Tinder is also divided and there seems to be an adult version and a teen version which is where most teens interact. However, age on Facebook can easily be changed due to which users can fall in the adult category or teen category by which is why it doesn’t ensure complete security.

Increasing number of concerns of parents regarding Tinder

Tinder seems like a nightmare of every parent since it is a place where their teens are exposed to pedophiles and offenders. Teenagers make it a point to hide their profiles on Tinder from parents and parents have no idea what their children are up.

Teens who are aged from 13 to 17 are about 7 % of Tinder’s users and parents or any adult would have a hard time to believe that their children would be dating at such a young age or be involved with someone physically at this age which is why it is essential that all parents keep an eye on their children.

Makers of Tinder themselves are very alarmed about the increasing number of teens on Tinder and they advise it themselves that every parent must keep an eye on their children and make sure they are not using it in an unethical way.

The recent case of teens using Tinder

There was a recent case which was caused quite the spur on the social media and newspapers where three men used to make children their targets and rape them through the app. These men disguised themselves as teenagers which just grow to show how anybody can fake their identity on the site.

Tinder gives teens the exposure of the world which they shouldn’t be exposed to at such a young age. There are increasing cases of cyberbullying, sexual predators and other issues which the children can fall into which is why it is important for parents to beware of their children’s activities.

How can parents monitor teens that use Tinder?

Tinder spy app

Parents should educate children about the hazards regarding the Tinder app and strangers, and pedophiles so that the children can protect themselves as well.

Apart from that, the mSpy Tinder tracker provides special features specially designed for parents to keep an eye on their children and the specific features it offers makes checking on children a whole lot easier.

Features of Tinder Monitoring app

Through the mSpy Tinder Tracking app, parents can now keep an eye on the social networking sites they use whether it is Snapchat, Whatsapp or Facebook. All of this gives a better insight as to what children are up to. The mSpy app also specifically have features for Tinder so that keeping an eye on children is easy.

Now parents can view kids profile on Tinder and also see the parameters and the people nearby who tried to contact them or who are in the reach and can be contacted.

Parents can now also keep an eye on the possible matches their children on Tinder and any super likes that are done on the profile. Apart from that, any messages that are sent or received can also be viewed now easily.

Parents can now also get the date and time stamps, and every activity that the child does on their profile which is essential for any parent to know about their child’s whereabouts.

The app can easily be downloaded from the app store and android market, and it is compatible with both android and iPhone.

The Tinder tracking app can easily be downloaded from the mSpy website and its compatible with both android and iPhone.

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Parents concerns would be increasing day by day when they find out that their children are using Tinder. However, the mSpy app ensures that now parents are well aware of what their children are doing and it also makes sure to monitor every activity they do on their phone, social media websites and their location.

Go one step ahead of your child and keep her safe online!

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