Android Spy Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse

android spy apps cheating spouse

android spy apps cheating spouse

How to catch cheating spouse on android

Though most people recommend solving problems in a relationship primarily by talking about them however you cannot always be sure about things like your spouse cheating on you. When you feel that things are slipping out of hand it is time to spy on your partner and make sure that your married life does not get ruined.

This is when cheating spouse spy apps step in and make your life easier.

Although there are a number of catch cheating spouse apps available with different features and varying prices, however, this article mainly talks about the top android spy apps available with the features available for each of these and how they are the most user-friendly spying apps which you will be using.

Although preferences change with each person’s requirements however the ones mentioned above provide the most features in maximum cost and fulfill requirements for a wide range of customers.

These include:


Spyera Android Spy App

This software once installed in your phone runs flawlessly for a number of years. It gathers all the information needed to catch a cheating spouse using Android phone for free.

It also very helpful if you want to spy on your kids but since this article talks about cheating spouses hence we will tell you all the features which would be necessary to help you spy on an adult.

The basic features include:

  1. Live call listening and recording: this helps you listen to live calls which happen on your target phone. You also get an alert message when the person is talking on the phone. You can then call on the target phone to be added to the call. These calls can also be recorded for later reference
  2. Android spy apps cheating spouse: you can read all the messages sent through apps like Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp etc. This includes a long list which can be seen on their website.
  3. Ambient listening and recording: ambient listening is when you can listen to the sounds which are taking place in the surroundings of the target phone. Real time listening is only available on Spyera. Through the ambient recording, you can easily record the sounds happening in the surrounding using your microphone. You can listen to these record files any time you want.
  4. Tracking SMS messages: read the contents of all incoming and outgoing messages with the contact name and number also available. If the person deletes the message you will still get a copy of the message in your email.
  5. Tracking emails and locations: Spyera captures all the emails and sent them. Just like messages if it is deleted you will get a copy of it.

How to install Spyera on Android?

These are only some of the key features which are present in Spyera you can look at their website for more detailed specifications. Out of these features, only ambient recording and email tracking need your phone to be rooted, the rest would work in a phone which is not rooted as well.

It takes only 2-3 mintures to complete installation of Spyera app

You can install Spyera app for Android undetectable easily by just paying for whichever package you want and then the software is available for you to download and install but you have to keep in mind that you have to install it in the other person’s phone as well.

All the data will be available in an online dashboard which only you will have access to hence there is ultimate privacy.

Visit Spyera Website Here

(Compatible with all Android Phones and Tablets)


Highster Spy Cheaters App

This is a program with a number of features and something you can install on his/her phone very easily. This lets you catch cheating partner and track a a number of activities including reading messaging, tracking the GPS location and much more.

All the activities are recorded on your online account hence making t easier for you to track certain activities.

The main features include:

  1. GPS location tracking: track your cheating spouse online – you can check the actual location of any person to make sure they are not lying to you.
  2. Track text messages: you can read all messages and get information about the contact details of the person they are sending messages to. This feature answers your question of how to catch a cheating spouse texting. The date and time will also be available. You also do not have to worry about the message being wrong.
  3. Call Recording: you can record calls for fast and easy tracking. It has features similar to text message tracking
  4. Web history: you get a complete list of the websites which have been visited recently and at what particular time to give you detailed information.

Out of these basic features, only GPS location needs your phone to be rooted. However, once you do root your phone you get a list of additional benefits. This app is installed like other spy apps but the benefit is it can be installed in the target person’s phone over the air.

All the data is available on the dashboard and you can choose to read whichever information you deem important.



This is one of the leading software in the software market. It is one of the most feasible apps for family monitoring. It helps you to remotely keep a watch on your target’s activity.

Some of their key features include:

  1. Monitoring calls and Emails: like every other app tracking and recording calls along with details of the person they are talking to is one of their main features
  2. Monitoring SMS messages: helps to get your spouse’s text messages. sending and receiving messages can be tracked easily with information about the person being contacted
  3. Calendar activities and photos: you can keep a track of their upcoming events and recent pictures they have in their phone
  4. Reading IM messages: this is for applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, Line, Kik, Hangouts, Tinder, etc.
  5. Apps Installed: Get detailed report about apps installed on your target
  6. Geo-fence: Get instant alerts if your target enters the area you’ve marked as restricted or leaves the area as defined
  7. Photos and Videos: Get multimedia information shared with others or stored on your spouse’s phone
  8. Works in the background: the software works in stealth mode without letting the phone owner knowing!

How to use mSpy?

Rooted phones have the advantage of features like reading IM messages, keylogger, real-time tracking and much more. You need the target phone to download this application, however, the person does not know even if the mSpy app is downloaded.

How does mSpy work?

Works in background – Being undetectable and invisible, mSpy app lets you remotely track the phone without them knowing. Every activity on the target phone is uploaded to mSpy online control panel which you can view on your phone or PC.

How to Install mSpy on target phone?

mSpy install – You do not need to root the target Android phone for mSpy installation. Hold the phone for 2-3 minutes and follow the instructions sent to you by mSpy upon subscription.

Once again, all data is shown on the dashboard!

Over to you…

Although all of these spy apps mentioned above have amazing features, however, I feel SPYERA provides the most feature in contrast to the money it charges. Since most people have varying requirements they might find some other app more suitable to their needs.

spy on cheating spouse android

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