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android spy app no rooting

spy on android phone without rooting

How to spy or track an Android Phone without rooting?

Android is the widespread OS these days and has become an integral part of our daily routine. Since children spend a large portion of their time daily, looking at these gadgets, therefore, it is important for parents to keep a look on their children.

If you ask a person to have a look at their phone they will probably hide or delete everything before showing it to you and hence it is essential for you to use Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses essentially.

Here we’ll tell you what is rooting and focus on how can you spy an Android device without rooting.


How to install Android spy software?

Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse

Spy on Android Phone without Rooting!

track whatsapp on android without rooting

Most of the Android spy apps you need to install in phones need full permission from the IM apps you want to spy on, and that can only be done if you root the phones. We’ll focus mainly on that an Android phone can be monitored without rooting as well.

Features which can be tracked without rooting:

if you get the basic package of any spy app for android without target phone, which is essentially for without rooted phones, the following features will be incorporated, however, if you get the premium versions then all the features that they track need your phone to be rooted.

Here are features of the basic package:

  1. Text messages: you can view any text messages which are sent or received on the target phone no matter what the number is. In some of them, you can even read the deleted messages if they get stored by the server
  2. Call history and contact list: you can look through the person’s contacts as well as their call logs which clearly mention the time and date along with the name and number of the person being called.
  3. Web history: web surfing is one of the important aspects and one of the main reasons why parents or people spying phones even in offices download spy apps. Be informed about the targets web activity at extraordinary timings and in general as well. You can also look at the bookmarked websites and review them one by one.
  4. Calendar, reminder, and events: all the notes saved in calendars or all the events that the person is going to can be viewed by just logging into the control panel which is an easy process.
  5. Emails: you can go through all the emails sent or received by the person’s Gmail account since that is the one that is linked to Android You can go into the account and read all the emails in detail as well.
  6. Photos and videos: the multimedia folder which includes all the videos and pictures can be seen by the person checking the target phone. This also gives the parents and idea about what their child is up to and if they are involved in any wrong activities.
  7. Scanning installed applications: you can have a look at all the apps downloaded on the target phone. You can block all the wrong games or applications which are not suitable for your child and have a stringent look at their activities.
  8. SIM change: if the target phone has its same changed then the person is notified of this change either through message or email to make them aware of the happening.
  9. Location tracking: the location of the target phone can be checked where easily with the GPS system present in the spy app. Through this, you can know the exact location of your child or office worker and catch them red-handed if they are lying.
  10. Uninstall alert: if the spy app is by mistake or purposely deleted on the target phone then you get a SIM notification alert and are informed through email as well. This does not talk about spying on Android phone without installing software

 However, to look at the benefits of the premium packages, you would have to root your phone first, and for that, you would have to look at the complete process of rooting.


Other benefits that should be looked at:

It is important for customers to look at other aspects of these hidden spy apps for android except just the obvious function which is keeping track of things, to check their ease of use and to choose the right one.

This include:

  1. Customer support: people who spend money on buying these spy apps do not look for the service only but competent customer support which makes them choose a specific one amongst many others. Competent customer support in times of technological difficulties is well provided
  2. Free updates: you should always choose a software which beliefs in constantly improving its service and hence will give you constant updates without charging any extra amount
  3. User-friendly interface: most of the spy apps have a very confusing panel which not only makes it hard for the customer to use but wastes a lot of time
  4. Unlimited device change: most apps only let you use the service on one specific phone, so if you change your handset you have to go through the problem of getting their services again which becomes very annoying and heavy on the pocket.

Spy on Android phone without rooting with:

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