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Android Spy Apps to Catch Cheaters

Are you tired of searching the app store and now finding the perfect hidden spy apps for android? Do all the apps not have the features you’re looking for? Well! then it seems your worries are now in the past since I bring to you android spy apps review which would make your life a whole lot easier.


5 Best Spy Apps for Android

Theses android spy apps are used by me and each and every one of them bring something special to the table.

What apps are the best spy apps?

There are plenty of hidden apps out there but I’ve selected my top five list after much deliberation and after reviewing plenty of apps on the phone which are:

Spyera: It is what you need to know

spyera login

Spyera tops my list at number 5 since it provides most advanced features to the user for only $149 for a year. Spyera provides the option of live call listening, live call recording, spy on IM, ambient listening and recording, track on text message, a look on all the multimedia, location tracking, email tracking, spy on VoIP apps, password grabber and ongoing alerts which helps you to keep a track on whoever you want.

Compatibility – Up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Flexispy: Spies on 15 different instant messengers

flexispy reviewFlexispy grabs the number four on my list because of its unique features and it gives you the option to spy on 15 different instant messengers at the same time.

Flexispy comes with no hidden charges and $68 for one month. Through the Flexispy app, you can now monitor all the cell phone digital and audio communications. It works with android, iPhone and tablet all at the same time, the support is available 24/7, money back guarantee, and installation services for free.

With all these amazing features at such a great price when must definitely get their hands on this app.

Mobistealth: the ultimate cell phone monitoring software

mobistealth android spy

At number three we bring you the one and only MobiStealth spy software since it makes sure that you get all the answers you need instantly. The app is compatible with all the major mobile carriers and the price is only $0.50 a day.

It helps you to monitor the whereabouts of your employees or children and can’t be tampered around by children. You can now see all the online chat messages Facebook, Whatsapp, and along with that all the emails which are sent and received both. Apart from that, you can easily check on whoever you’re spying on from anywhere on the planet and also see every call, message, picture, and video they have.

Mobistealth offers you so much that you wouldn’t want to let this app go.

Mobile Spy: No More Hidden Now!

Mobile-Spy Android

At number two we have none other than the mobile spy app on android since it offers you so much that it will blow you away. You have the chance to go through the online demo and see why this app is the best in what it does.

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For three months you have to pay about $49.97 more and the mobile spy is compatible with all major mobile carriers and android smartphones. You can now see all the text messages and also monitor on WhatsApp and iMessage of whoever you’re spying on. You get to know the GPS location and there’s also the option of spying on Facebook and twitter easily.

It’s easy to see the call logs and the history of all the websites and you can now also view the pictures, memos, contacts, and emails. Apps can also be blocked which are running on the phone and there is an option of live screen viewing with the live panel option. The mobile spy offers you so much at such a feasible price that you wouldn’t want to let it go.

mSpy: Ultimate monitoring tool for all devices

mspy login

There is no surprise here that on number one, I’ll have the one and only mSpy mobile app since it provides the full force of power of Android spy software. The app along with its multiple features also provides you a great price with a premium package of $16.67 a month only.

You can now manage calls, track text messages, read emails, track the GPS location, monitor internet use on the phone, go through the calendar and address book, read instant messages which also includes Snapchat, Facebook, Line, Kik, Whatsapp and live messenger, control the apps and programs, view all the multimedia files, 24/7 help and also have a look at the comprehensive reports. The app offers you so much that you wouldn’t want to go for anything else at all because of its great price.

The app offers you so much that you wouldn’t want to go for anything else at all because of its great price.


I’ve used all the spy apps for android without target phone and concluded that whichever app you opt for it won’t give you services these five give you. These apps do more than just the work and make sure you know every move that is being made by the person you’re spying on.

We’ve brought to you the best of the best and these apps were used personally by me to know the whereabouts of anyone. These apps are for android without rooting which is why it makes them so much better and with such a great price who wouldn’t want to get their hands on these apps?

We suggest you tap right away and get your hands on one of these spy apps as soon as possible.

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