The Complete Guide to Spying on an Android Phone

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android spy app

You can have a number of reasons to spy on someone’s android phone. However, when you think about actual spying, it seems like a very daunting job. How could you keep a hawk’s eye on other person’s Android phone without alarming them?

Well, the good news is, it is possible to spy on any phone – even as prestige smartphone as Android without alerting the target person. Then, How to do that?

Read on to get the answer!

The best way to spy on an Android?

Logically, you just have one way – to get the access to the phone every day and luckily know the password too. Then just check the text messages, calls, emails, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, Skype IM chats, Instagram photos, Twitter DMs, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat – this list does not seem to end.

And your job doesn’t end here; you have to remember all the data you have witnessed in a couple of minutes of sneaking by using your memory and cognitive skills (we are not kidding).

Ops! The idea seemed logical, but it is absolutely impractical.


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Android Spy App Remote Installation

Thank Goodness, we have a better and practical approach to spy on someone’s Android phone remotely – which gives you complete access to data without compromising your credibility.

We are talking about Android spy apps – it is the best way to spy on Android as you just have to secretly install Android spy app once and then remotely spy on Android as long as you want.

android spy

The steps required for spying on Android Phone

There are so many spyware apps that allow unsuspicious access to Android, but all of them more or less follow the same installation process.

Below are the steps required to snoop on Android;

Step #1: Purchase Mobile Spy App for Android

First of all, you have to buy an authentic spy app for Android. Make sure you provide a genuine email address as all further details will be sent on it. Once the payment is received by the company, they will send you a confirmation email with an in-depth installation procedure.

Step #2: Installation on target Android

For next step, it is extremely important that you have access to the targeted Android. Now, just open the confirmation email, it will give you a link to the control panel. Simply log into your control panel and get a thorough instruction on how to install spyware on Android.

These instructions vary for different mobile spy apps. However, the instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. So installation won’t be a hitch, you just need to have the targeted phone in hand.

Step #3: Get Access to everything on phone

Once the software is installed in the targeted Android, you can get access to its information immediately. The control panel will showcase all the major details of targeted phone in different categories. You can spy on WhatsApp messages, Skype IMs, Viber messages, Facebook messenger, phone messages, calls, emails, photos and so on.

You won’t be the first one to spy on someone’s Android

Android Spy Software

If you are feeling a bit shy because spying is an inappropriate way to approach different situations, then we are happy to inform you that there are so many people who spy on Android phones for various valid and genuine reasons.

Parents who give an Android to their kid for the first time usually have a spyware installed in the gadget. The reason is to keep an eye on how the kid is taking their guidelines about using the phone. They want to know if their kids are talking to strangers on different social media platforms, sexting, or maybe watching porn.

These are genuine concerns of any parents and rather than trusting the kids blindly, it is advisable to have access to information.

kids monitoring apps

The work environment is becoming more and more casual. Employees don’t want to confine themselves in an office, they want the freedom to be anywhere and work. Now if an employer has given his employees Android phone or tablet, he must have a tool that gives him an in-depth analysis and report of the usage of the devices.

The motto is pretty simple in the professional world; trust your employees but not blindly.

Hopefully, now spy app option makes more sense to you.


The best Android spy app in the market?

As said earlier, there are many spy apps offering same features but let us tell you about the best in the market currently. You are options are mSpy, Spyera, Mobile-Spy, MobiStealth and more.

Our team of experts have had hands-on experience on all the major spy apps and picked the one that wins in all departments like cost, compatibility, user-friendly, efficiency, and secrecy.


mSpy – the Android spy app

We recommend mSpy – it is the best agent to spy on Android without having access to it. mSpy allows you to “remotely track and control activity” on all Android phones.

mSpy is completely compatible with iOS and following is the brief list of the access you can get via mSpy;

  • Calls: incoming/outgoing
  • Messages: text messages (received and sent), Skype IMs, Whatsapp messages, Viber messages, LINE messages, iMessages, Facebook messenger, MMS and more
  • Mails: emails (received and sent) of all the accounts in the device
  • Social Media: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and others
  • GPS Location: track all the location of the phone
  • Calendar and Contacts: all the entries in the calendar and contacts
  • Multimedia files: all the videos and photos
  • Keylogger: all the text typed on the device in a day
  • Browser: browsing history, bookmarks, and most visited sites
  • Applications: installed and uninstalled application

mSpy offers three comprehensive plans – Basic, Premium, and Family Kit. The costing schedule is different for these plans. mSpy gives you the flexibility to choose the payment schedule. You can go for monthly, quarterly or yearly payment plan.

Why mSpy App?

-35+ features

-give you remote access to any device

-24/7 customers support both live chat and over phone

-you’ll get help for installing the software (in case you need it)

-compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, Mac OS

-the powerful app which never breaks

-since 2003

-10 days money back guarantee



This monitoring app is able to access data from Android phone and compatible with Android 4+. And, target phone must be connected to the internet. 

So this was our comprehensive guide on how to Spy on an Android. In case, you need further clarity or have any query, feel free to share via comments and we will get back to you.

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