Facebook Spying: How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages?


How to read someone’s Facebook messages without their password?

  • Hack into someone’ss facebook account without them knowing,
  • See someone’s private messages on Facebook
  • Find out other persons they have been chatting with along with time and date stamps
  • Get access to any photos, videos or audio files sent through Facebook messenger and saved on your target phone
  • All Facebook chat conversations are uploaded to your online account into the control panel

While spying was a thing only limited people could do in the past and took a lot of time; however with increasing technology, a lot of people use Android spy apps.

This could be mandatory especially when it comes to parents keeping a check on their children however other instances include where a boss wants to keep a check on his workers, or a partner is trying to make sure they are not being cheated on.

With the increasing use of Facebook, it has become necessary to monitor Facebook chat as well.

Teenage Girls Tend to Spend More Time on Facebook

According to a survey conducted recently, teenagers from the age of 13-17 were the ones who used Facebook the most. Apart from other social media that they could have used 71% of them spent most of their time on Facebook.


Girls in specific are said to spend more time daily on these social media websites which are around 79% whereas boys spend 28% of their time weekly on such activities. Coming to more Facebook specific statistics, Facebook has the highest brand value of $28.1 billion which itself shows how its usage has been on the increase since it was brought into being.

It’s is also said 50% of people aged between 18 and 24 go and check their facebook first before they even get out of bed.

How Do Kids Misuse Facebook?

All these statistics clearly show why it has become increasingly important for parents to spy on their children as they can be involved in various harmful activities. So how do kids misuse facebook?

Facebook is probably one of the biggest platforms through which teenagers are bullied based on their looks, caste, religion, etc. People who do not find someone confining to their rules of “being cool” might be embarrassed on such a big platform which not only causes consequences for those being bullied but also for the one who is the bully.

Furthermore, people make fake accounts just to talk to someone they know they can’t talk to with their real identity or to participate in any activity which is something they cannot do openly.

What do Parents Specifically Want to Spy On?


how to spy on facebook messages free

As a parent, in today’s day and age, it becomes very challenging to spy on your kids especially if you have more than one child who is mostly the case. This is so because firstly there is no single app on which you would want to track your child’s activity, so there is Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and much more.


How to read others Whatsapp messages on Android?

How to spy on someones Snapchat?

All these social media websites have the same problem so as a parent it becomes next to impossible to make sure your children do not do anything wrong at all. This problem aggravates if you are one of those parents who are not up to date with technology and doesn’t know about the latest trends.

So what do parents specifically want to spy on?


Cheating does not only mean a husband is hiding his girlfriend from his wife. Cheating could be anything that you do unfairly or act dishonestly just to gain an advantage, basically anything that goes against your morals.

So in a work environment, this would mean workers being told to work on a specific task, but rather they pass their time using the resources having fun and then, later on, complain that they could not do it because of a specific reason or just copying someone else’s work and saying they did it. In a wedding situation, it is pretty obvious what cheating means.
android spy

Parents Trust: Misused?

However when it comes to children especially teenagers the only and most observed way of cheating on their parents is by misusing the advantage of being trusted and using the resources given to them in a way which they could not discuss with their parents openly and hence Facebook chat spy is a must.

Monitoring Facebook may seem like a difficult task and something that is not possible but with the invent of technology even this has become very easy. Most parents keep a limited time during which their children can use their devices (mobile phone, tablets, iPad) after which they are taken away.


Also, most parents do not give their children the permission to keep a password on these devices so if they feel there is something suspicious they could always check. Making a Facebook account and keeping a track on son or daughter’s activities was something that was done in the past but now since security settings are so advanced that’s not possible.

Facebook spy apps step in at this point and provide to you all the facilities you would want on your phone. Since these are not just Facebook messenger spy apps, hence they give you the advantage of being able to track all activity being done which includes post, comments, etc

mSpy: An Ideal Solution?

mspy monitoring software

mSpy was one of the apps I used recently and totally approve of it. One of its benefits and primarily the reason why people use it is that it helps spy remotely which means the person being spied on does not realize it.

Compatible with Android as well, all you need to do is download the app on the target’s phone. Once you get it, you can easily install it and start getting messages from the target phone. You have an online control panel through which you can keep checking the details whenever you want.

It is a complete solution as to how you can spy on someone’s Facebook messages.

Although all these options are available and the question of how to view someone else’s Facebook messages is answered, I still feel children especially after they exit their teenage years should be given their privacy and should be trusted on otherwise it could have adverse effects.

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