How can I track my child’s Android phone without them knowing?

track my childs phone without them knowing

track my childs phone without them knowing

How to track my daughter’s or son’s phone without her knowing?

Are you going paranoid over all the crazy things kids these days are up to on their smartphones? Are you getting the good old jitters every time you see news about social media harassment or cyber bullying? Is the fear of your children burning the midnight oils on their Androids giving you sleepless nights?

Are you often lost wondering where your child is really going when he says he’s off to school? Have no fear, you’re reading just the thing for you, we are here to give you all the ways to figure out what your child is doing on his Android, and without them knowing!

mSpy to secure your kids

  1. Try getting your child into your confidence

Teach your children what’s right and what’s wrong and inform them of the dangers of the online world. Let them know about cyber harassment and tell them how you’re trusting them with an Android but you will have to ensure that they are safe from the evils of the cyber world by regularly checking their phone and who they interact with.

Remember, the key to a healthy relationship is trust, so if you let your child know why their phones need monitoring, they will be more compliant with your rules.

The first step to healthy parenting is trust and confidence building.


  1. Go old-school!

While your child is in the shower or has gone out to shoot some hoops, grab hold of their phone and go through their texts, emails, and pictures. This method is the simplest and most obvious out of all, however there are major drawbacks such as getting caught checking your child’s’ phone (which will ensure that your relationship with them is sabotaged for at least a while) and not forgetting the fact that most kids these days have password protected their phones, this really may not be the best method, however it is the most convenient one!


  1. Get a physical cell phone tracking device

A variety of manufacturers developed a software, equipment, and other tools that allow you to track your child’s cell phone location and activity. Know where your child is and at what time, and ensure that they are where they’re expected to be.

  • Go to an Internet search engine and enter keyword phrases such as “physical cell phone tracker” or “cell phone tracking software” to locate websites and companies that sell cell phone tracking products.
  • Visit any retail store in your area that specializes in electronics or an app to track phone without them knowing to search for physical cell phone tracking products.


  1. Consult your wireless service provider

  • Family Tracker App – Major wireless service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offer “Family Locator” packages that allow you to locate and track all the cell phones on your plan
  • Best Family Locator App for Android – If you use AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon as your wireless carrier, click on either the AT&T, Sprint or Verizon website links listed in the Sources section of this article to view the rates, fees and services for Family Locator plans


  1. I have been saving the best for last!


Want a software that is fool-proof, untraceable and lets you remotely monitor EVERYTHING that you’re your child is doing, at any time. Brace yourself, and go buy mSpy now!

You can even install mSpy remotely on the target device and get started!

Now you can have access to all your child’s text messages, photos, videos etc that are both sent and received.

You can remotely monitor the internet browsing and be sure that your child isn’t watching unsolicited material online, or conversing with people you do not find agreeable. If there is anything making parental monitoring a breeze, it’s mSpy!

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