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How to spy on android phone without having access to the phone?

how to spy on android phone without having access to phone

Spy on Android phone without installing software on the target phone

As difficult as it may sound, recent researches have shown that tracking a phone is the easiest task that one could probably do. A cell phone can be turned into a device which can spy your life with such details that it can even be used by the agencies.

All this takes is installing a software and getting in contact with your phone, even online, and send a few commands so that all the activities you do at any time in the day can be tracked down by the other person.

These types of software are being used for different purposes around the world for reasons like spying on your other half or even for spying on your children to make sure they are not falling into wrong hands or doing something bad which might affect them.

android spy

Can You Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having Access to the Phone?

As inexpensive as these spy apps are these days, they provide a wide range of functions. There a number of spy apps that you can find online, while each varies because of the variety of functions they offer, the most famous ones include mSpy, Spyera, and Highster.

These phone spy apps help you access to anything that happens on a person’s phone possibly without them knowing. The biggest advantage of these apps is that you can spy on a cell phone without having access to the phone that is you can all this remotely.

You virtually get all the information on your phone or laptop.


The basic features which stay the same across include:

• You can read someone’s text messages without installing any software on their phone.Gathering text messages and calls along with numbers and details about the person you are receiving the messages from or talking to.

This also includes IM message tracking which means looking at social media messages such as WhatsApp, messenger, Snapchat etc. some of these apps even give you the free trial for SMS spy without target phone.

Ambient listening and recording which means you can turn on the microphone on your targets phone and listen to their surroundings to be sure of what is happening around them. You can also record these for future usage

Location tracking which helps you to know the person’s exact location at any time as well as when they arrived or when they left

This article mainly talks about android spy without target phone. In the absence of physical access to the phone, you can get all the information of the target phone while you are connected to it. The distance from the target doesn’t matter.

Spying on a phone:

The reality that you can spy on anyone without having access to their phone may seem very discomforting for people and they might feel that you are invading your privacy; however, the nonstop improvement in technology has made it more of a norm. Although it’s easily available to anyone, there are some agreed upon and legal uses of these apps. The first example is of parents spying on their children. This is one of the ways this app is put to good use and does not invade the privacy of an individual for their own purpose.

The negative of these spy apps is that it can be used to track any cell phone without the knowledge of the person. This makes it very important for you to only track those phones that you have authority over.


Can you spy on an android phone without touching target phone?

From investigation and lots of research, we have come to the conclusion that it is possible to spy a phone without jailbreaking it (for iPhone), without rooting (for android phones) and without having it in your possession.

The problem over here lies mostly with android phones that need you to have the phone in your possession at least once so that you can install the app.

How does it work?

This then establishes a remote connection with the phone you are trying to track without the other person’s knowledge, hence helping you get information about all the activities done by your target person. All the information can fall prey to any person running the software.

All this information is available on your online dashboard which appears on your laptop, phone or any device you are using for spying. You can then choose to read specific information and ignore the rest which does not look significant to you for example photos etc. While these apps do perform the basic function without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone, however, advanced functions like ambient listening are not available and for that, you will have to get in touch with the target phone at least once.


While downloading this app and installing it may seem fairly easy however over the period of time you may realize that your phone is being compromised. Your phone may become slow and could possibly have memory issues. If this does occur you could simply change your number and hence the spy app will stop working.

Factory resetting your phone is not sufficient to help stop the spy app from running and though it may make your phone better for a short period of time it will go back to being what it originally was.

android spy apps cheating spouse

Android Spy Apps to Catch Cheating Spouse

android spy apps cheating spouse

How to catch cheating spouse on android

Though most people recommend solving problems in a relationship primarily by talking about them however you cannot always be sure about things like your spouse cheating on you. When you feel that things are slipping out of hand it is time to spy on your partner and make sure that your married life does not get ruined.

This is when cheating spouse spy apps step in and make your life easier.

Although there are a number of catch cheating spouse apps available with different features and varying prices, however, this article mainly talks about the top android spy apps available with the features available for each of these and how they are the most user-friendly spying apps which you will be using.

Although preferences change with each person’s requirements however the ones mentioned above provide the most features in maximum cost and fulfill requirements for a wide range of customers.

These include:


Spyera Android Spy App

This software once installed in your phone runs flawlessly for a number of years. It gathers all the information needed to catch a cheating spouse using Android phone for free.

It also very helpful if you want to spy on your kids but since this article talks about cheating spouses hence we will tell you all the features which would be necessary to help you spy on an adult.

The basic features include:

  1. Live call listening and recording: this helps you listen to live calls which happen on your target phone. You also get an alert message when the person is talking on the phone. You can then call on the target phone to be added to the call. These calls can also be recorded for later reference
  2. Android spy apps cheating spouse: you can read all the messages sent through apps like Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp etc. This includes a long list which can be seen on their website.
  3. Ambient listening and recording: ambient listening is when you can listen to the sounds which are taking place in the surroundings of the target phone. Real time listening is only available on Spyera. Through the ambient recording, you can easily record the sounds happening in the surrounding using your microphone. You can listen to these record files any time you want.
  4. Tracking SMS messages: read the contents of all incoming and outgoing messages with the contact name and number also available. If the person deletes the message you will still get a copy of the message in your email.
  5. Tracking emails and locations: Spyera captures all the emails and sent them. Just like messages if it is deleted you will get a copy of it.

How to install Spyera on Android?

These are only some of the key features which are present in Spyera you can look at their website for more detailed specifications. Out of these features, only ambient recording and email tracking need your phone to be rooted, the rest would work in a phone which is not rooted as well.

It takes only 2-3 mintures to complete installation of Spyera app

You can install Spyera app for Android undetectable easily by just paying for whichever package you want and then the software is available for you to download and install but you have to keep in mind that you have to install it in the other person’s phone as well.

All the data will be available in an online dashboard which only you will have access to hence there is ultimate privacy.

Visit Spyera Website Here

(Compatible with all Android Phones and Tablets)


Highster Spy Cheaters App

This is a program with a number of features and something you can install on his/her phone very easily. This lets you catch cheating partner and track a a number of activities including reading messaging, tracking the GPS location and much more.

All the activities are recorded on your online account hence making t easier for you to track certain activities.

The main features include:

  1. GPS location tracking: track your cheating spouse online – you can check the actual location of any person to make sure they are not lying to you.
  2. Track text messages: you can read all messages and get information about the contact details of the person they are sending messages to. This feature answers your question of how to catch a cheating spouse texting. The date and time will also be available. You also do not have to worry about the message being wrong.
  3. Call Recording: you can record calls for fast and easy tracking. It has features similar to text message tracking
  4. Web history: you get a complete list of the websites which have been visited recently and at what particular time to give you detailed information.

Out of these basic features, only GPS location needs your phone to be rooted. However, once you do root your phone you get a list of additional benefits. This app is installed like other spy apps but the benefit is it can be installed in the target person’s phone over the air.

All the data is available on the dashboard and you can choose to read whichever information you deem important.



This is one of the leading software in the software market. It is one of the most feasible apps for family monitoring. It helps you to remotely keep a watch on your target’s activity.

Some of their key features include:

  1. Monitoring calls and Emails: like every other app tracking and recording calls along with details of the person they are talking to is one of their main features
  2. Monitoring SMS messages: helps to get your spouse’s text messages. sending and receiving messages can be tracked easily with information about the person being contacted
  3. Calendar activities and photos: you can keep a track of their upcoming events and recent pictures they have in their phone
  4. Reading IM messages: this is for applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, Line, Kik, Hangouts, Tinder, etc.
  5. Apps Installed: Get detailed report about apps installed on your target
  6. Geo-fence: Get instant alerts if your target enters the area you’ve marked as restricted or leaves the area as defined
  7. Photos and Videos: Get multimedia information shared with others or stored on your spouse’s phone
  8. Works in the background: the software works in stealth mode without letting the phone owner knowing!

How to use mSpy?

Rooted phones have the advantage of features like reading IM messages, keylogger, real-time tracking and much more. You need the target phone to download this application, however, the person does not know even if the mSpy app is downloaded.

How does mSpy work?

Works in background – Being undetectable and invisible, mSpy app lets you remotely track the phone without them knowing. Every activity on the target phone is uploaded to mSpy online control panel which you can view on your phone or PC.

How to Install mSpy on target phone?

mSpy install – You do not need to root the target Android phone for mSpy installation. Hold the phone for 2-3 minutes and follow the instructions sent to you by mSpy upon subscription.

Once again, all data is shown on the dashboard!

Over to you…

Although all of these spy apps mentioned above have amazing features, however, I feel SPYERA provides the most feature in contrast to the money it charges. Since most people have varying requirements they might find some other app more suitable to their needs.

spy on cheating spouse android

app to track wife's phone location

How can I track my wifes phone without her knowing?

track my wife's phone without her knowing

Track my wife’s phone without her knowing!

Not sure about your wife’s whereabouts? If you need more certainty as to what she’s doing, then this is the correct place for you as it provides all the solutions to your problems regarding the secret wife tracker app.

If you have an iPhone you are worried about whether you need to jailbreak it and if you have an Android then you are mostly worried about its rooting just to get the perfect app to track your wife’s phone GPS.

We will firstly explain both these processes and then tell you about all the features of every, and any spy app also called the cheating wife app.


The complete guide to spying on an Android Phone

Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse

What is jailbreak?

iOS jailbreaking is mostly done when certain software installed on your phone are removed since they impose restrictions on the running of software. When relating it to spy apps, it means that since not jailbroken devices do not allow spy apps to run freely hence to access advanced features, you have to jailbreak your iPhone.

What is rooting?

For those who do not know what rooting is it is basically when you install an app on your Android phone which helps other apps in the running freely on your Android phone. Why do people do this? It is basically because certain apps cannot perform all their features freely in a phone which is not rooted and hence it is important. Most of the monitoring apps you need to install in phones need full permission from the apps you are spying on, and that can only be done if you root the phones.

Features with Phone Tracking

app to track wife's phone location

Track Text messages

Similar to tracking calls because you can see the content of the text message as well as to whom they were sent to or received from. If messages are sent or received from a random number, it could come to your notice easily in your online control panel. This answers the question of how you can read your wife’s text messages without her knowing.

Track call history and contact list

 You can look through the person’s contacts as well as their call logs which clearly mention the time and date along with the name and number of the person being called. The time duration of the call is mentioned along with the frequency.

Track web history

Web surfing is one of the important aspects and one of the main reasons why husbands or people spying phones even in offices download spy apps. Be informed about the targets web activity at extraordinary timings and in general as well. You can also look at the bookmarked websites and review them one by one.

Track calendar, and events

All the notes saved in calendars or all the events that the person is going to can be viewed by just logging into the control panel which is an easy process.

Track Emails

You can go through all the emails sent or received by the person’s Gmail account since that is the one that is linked to Android phones. For iPhone, it means the iCloud email address. You can go into the account and read all the emails in detail as well.

Track Whatsapp messages


Android tracking app can be used to track IM apps like Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage, etc. You could use this as an advantage to know what the person is talking about on their social media accounts.


How to track Whatsapp messages?

Remote control

This helps to erase all the data from your phone in emergency situations for, e.g. if it is stolen to make your information does not fall into the wrong hands. An added benefit you get when you spy on your wife’s android phone.

Location tracking

track my wife's phone gps location

The location of the target phone can be checked where easily with the GPS system present in the spy app. Through this, you can find your wife’s phone location and catch them red-handed if they are lying.

Uninstall alert

if the spy app is by mistake or purposely deleted on the target phone, then you get a SIM notification alert and are informed through email as well.


Geofencing can put a lot of worries to rest. The geofencing feature lets its users get alerted of a target device out of the safe zone. Create a safe zone around your home or your wife’s office, and you will be alerted in real time when something out of the ordinary happens.

How to track without rooting or jailbreaking?

In the case of Android, you’d not need to root or make any change on the target device. You can track her phone without rooting. Just grab the phone and put Android spyware on her phone. To track IM chats, you’d need to root target phone but our idea of giving a phone as present solves this problem, as you can root and install spy app before handing over to her.

Track you wife’s phone remotely without touching it


If she has an Apple device, you do not need to jailbreak her iPhone or iPad, you can track her phone without jailbreaking once you’ve iCloud credentials of the target and iCloud enabled. For tracking location, you’d need to jailbreak the phone and install spy software on her phone in Cydia icon. One time physical access required and it takes only four minutes to complete the job. You’d be worrying you could spy on her phone without having the phone? Yes! You can do by getting a new phone and present her as a new year gift with pre-installed software on it.

It works an online detective without letting her that she’s being tracked at each moment.


  • iOS 6 till 8.4; 9.0.2 (with jailbreak)
  • All iOS versions (without jailbreak)
  • Android devices operating on Android 4+


1. mSpy – (

2.  Spyera – (

android spy app no rooting

Android Spy Software Without Rooting

spy on android phone without rooting

How to spy or track an Android Phone without rooting?

Android is the widespread OS these days and has become an integral part of our daily routine. Since children spend a large portion of their time daily, looking at these gadgets, therefore, it is important for parents to keep a look on their children.

If you ask a person to have a look at their phone they will probably hide or delete everything before showing it to you and hence it is essential for you to use Android spy apps to catch cheating spouses essentially.

Here we’ll tell you what is rooting and focus on how can you spy an Android device without rooting.


How to install Android spy software?

Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse

Spy on Android Phone without Rooting!

track whatsapp on android without rooting

Most of the Android spy apps you need to install in phones need full permission from the IM apps you want to spy on, and that can only be done if you root the phones. We’ll focus mainly on that an Android phone can be monitored without rooting as well.

Features which can be tracked without rooting:

if you get the basic package of any spy app for android without target phone, which is essentially for without rooted phones, the following features will be incorporated, however, if you get the premium versions then all the features that they track need your phone to be rooted.

Here are features of the basic package:

  1. Text messages: you can view any text messages which are sent or received on the target phone no matter what the number is. In some of them, you can even read the deleted messages if they get stored by the server
  2. Call history and contact list: you can look through the person’s contacts as well as their call logs which clearly mention the time and date along with the name and number of the person being called.
  3. Web history: web surfing is one of the important aspects and one of the main reasons why parents or people spying phones even in offices download spy apps. Be informed about the targets web activity at extraordinary timings and in general as well. You can also look at the bookmarked websites and review them one by one.
  4. Calendar, reminder, and events: all the notes saved in calendars or all the events that the person is going to can be viewed by just logging into the control panel which is an easy process.
  5. Emails: you can go through all the emails sent or received by the person’s Gmail account since that is the one that is linked to Android You can go into the account and read all the emails in detail as well.
  6. Photos and videos: the multimedia folder which includes all the videos and pictures can be seen by the person checking the target phone. This also gives the parents and idea about what their child is up to and if they are involved in any wrong activities.
  7. Scanning installed applications: you can have a look at all the apps downloaded on the target phone. You can block all the wrong games or applications which are not suitable for your child and have a stringent look at their activities.
  8. SIM change: if the target phone has its same changed then the person is notified of this change either through message or email to make them aware of the happening.
  9. Location tracking: the location of the target phone can be checked where easily with the GPS system present in the spy app. Through this, you can know the exact location of your child or office worker and catch them red-handed if they are lying.
  10. Uninstall alert: if the spy app is by mistake or purposely deleted on the target phone then you get a SIM notification alert and are informed through email as well. This does not talk about spying on Android phone without installing software

 However, to look at the benefits of the premium packages, you would have to root your phone first, and for that, you would have to look at the complete process of rooting.


Other benefits that should be looked at:

It is important for customers to look at other aspects of these hidden spy apps for android except just the obvious function which is keeping track of things, to check their ease of use and to choose the right one.

This include:

  1. Customer support: people who spend money on buying these spy apps do not look for the service only but competent customer support which makes them choose a specific one amongst many others. Competent customer support in times of technological difficulties is well provided
  2. Free updates: you should always choose a software which beliefs in constantly improving its service and hence will give you constant updates without charging any extra amount
  3. User-friendly interface: most of the spy apps have a very confusing panel which not only makes it hard for the customer to use but wastes a lot of time
  4. Unlimited device change: most apps only let you use the service on one specific phone, so if you change your handset you have to go through the problem of getting their services again which becomes very annoying and heavy on the pocket.

Spy on Android phone without rooting with:


How to Spy or Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account?


Spy on Snapchat without Survey

Snapchat is one of the newer apps that the millennials have gone crazy over. If you ever find your kids making funny faces, raising eyebrows or opening their mouths really wide while looking at their phones, you can safely assume they’re busy ‘snapping’.

Snapchat provides a seemingly safe platform hence kids have started using it for not only goofing around but only to send sexually suggestive content with no reluctance whatsoever as the snaps delete once they’re viewed.

This is causing an increase in worried parents and even better halves, as they can’t really be sure what is going on Snapchat – leading to more and more people interested into spy on someone’s Snapchat, and the only answer seems to lie in Snapchat spy app.

spy hack snapchat

How to hack someone’s Snapchat pictures?

The easiest way to hack someone’s account is with the help of a spy app, notable mSpy. Many other apps also offer this feature but from my own personal experience, nothing even comes close to Snapchat spy app when it comes to monitoring Snapchat, and here is why!

Easy Installation and Configuration to get you started:

All you really need to do is buy the Premium package (it cost me around $16.67 a month) and install it on the device that needs to be monitored. This takes around 2-3 minutes, after which you set up an account online from which you can monitor and set your spy needs using a remote desktop. mSpy Snapchat has an amazing 24/7 customer support service to ensure there are no queries that go unresolved, which is also a bonus in case you are not easily satisfied

mSpy has an amazing 24/7 customer support service to ensure there are no queries that go unresolved, which is also a bonus in case you are not easily satisfied

Remote access:

As soon as your target device has Snapchat Spy installed, you can control your spy needs remotely anytime and everywhere you want, and view all the information from your target phone at your own will. All controls are set up and modified remotely after the installation of the app is complete on the target device.

Running in stealth mode:

The key to good spy control is for your target to never get an inkling of the fact that you are onto them and the app just lives up to that. It runs in stealth mode so your target has absolutely NO idea whatsoever that they’re being monitored, giving you a free hand to catch whatever they’ve been up to.


Snapchat spy app is available for Apple and Android devices, however, it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak of the device.

  • Android: up to 7.x.x
  • iOS: up to 10.x.x


How does Snapchat spy work?

Before I explain how mSpy works as an incredible Snapchat parental control, it is necessary to have a quick overview regarding how Snapchat works itself. Snapchat basically is used to send “snaps” which are photos with or without lenses to a contact in the list, or it can be added to a Snapchat ‘story’.

The sender chooses the number of seconds ranging from 1-10 for which the snap can be viewed, after which it disappears.  There is also an option of sending text messages o contacts via Snapchat which also get deleted once they’re viewed, leaving no trace behind even if someone can get their hands on the target phone, Snapchat doesn’t leave any trace of the previous conversations.


Snapchat Spy for Android & iOS

mSpy Snapchat allows you full access to not only multimedia messages but also the text messages and the timestamp and details of the media messages that are sent and receiving. Ever wondered how to hack someone’s Snapchat photos and monitor someone’s Snapchat?

The answer lies in Snapchat spy.

It’s the perfect amalgamation of the stealth and efficiency needed for a spy app in a time when Snapchat is becoming a cheating app or as an app that needs parental control due to increased sexting. Even though the User gets to choose a max of 10 seconds to view a photo, the control panel saves the photo which can be viewed anytime, anywhere and for as long as you wish to view it.

Snapchat spy offers you more liberty than the recipient now, and you can monitor video durations, gallery, message conversations, and screenshots as well. Even, deleted material can be viewed in the control Panel now, all thanks to mSpy Snapchat spy.

Get this Snapchat Spy tool

No Snapping just mSpying!

snapchat spy app free

With mSpy providing you all the information you can ever want about your targets Snapchat habits, it’s time you stop worrying and snapping your mind over what they’re up to and get the hang of exactly what they are on about on Snapchat.

Whether it’s Android or iOS, cheating or parenting that is worrying you and keeping you up at night, mSpy is here to solve all your problems!

Start spying today!


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