How to spy on android phone without having access to the phone?

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how to spy on android phone without having access to phone

Spy on Android phone without installing software on the target phone

As difficult as it may sound, recent researches have shown that tracking a phone is the easiest task that one could probably do. A cell phone can be turned into a device which can spy your life with such details that it can even be used by the agencies.

All this takes is installing a software and getting in contact with your phone, even online, and send a few commands so that all the activities you do at any time in the day can be tracked down by the other person.

These types of software are being used for different purposes around the world for reasons like spying on your other half or even for spying on your children to make sure they are not falling into wrong hands or doing something bad which might affect them.

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Can You Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having Access to the Phone?

As inexpensive as these spy apps are these days, they provide a wide range of functions. There a number of spy apps that you can find online, while each varies because of the variety of functions they offer, the most famous ones include mSpy, Spyera, and Highster.

These phone spy apps help you access to anything that happens on a person’s phone possibly without them knowing. The biggest advantage of these apps is that you can spy on a cell phone without having access to the phone that is you can all this remotely.

You virtually get all the information on your phone or laptop.


The basic features which stay the same across include:

• You can read someone’s text messages without installing any software on their phone.Gathering text messages and calls along with numbers and details about the person you are receiving the messages from or talking to.

This also includes IM message tracking which means looking at social media messages such as WhatsApp, messenger, Snapchat etc. some of these apps even give you the free trial for SMS spy without target phone.

Ambient listening and recording which means you can turn on the microphone on your targets phone and listen to their surroundings to be sure of what is happening around them. You can also record these for future usage

Location tracking which helps you to know the person’s exact location at any time as well as when they arrived or when they left

This article mainly talks about android spy without target phone. In the absence of physical access to the phone, you can get all the information of the target phone while you are connected to it. The distance from the target doesn’t matter.

Spying on a phone:

The reality that you can spy on anyone without having access to their phone may seem very discomforting for people and they might feel that you are invading your privacy; however, the nonstop improvement in technology has made it more of a norm. Although it’s easily available to anyone, there are some agreed upon and legal uses of these apps. The first example is of parents spying on their children. This is one of the ways this app is put to good use and does not invade the privacy of an individual for their own purpose.

The negative of these spy apps is that it can be used to track any cell phone without the knowledge of the person. This makes it very important for you to only track those phones that you have authority over.


Can you spy on an android phone without touching target phone?

From investigation and lots of research, we have come to the conclusion that it is possible to spy a phone without jailbreaking it (for iPhone), without rooting (for android phones) and without having it in your possession.

The problem over here lies mostly with android phones that need you to have the phone in your possession at least once so that you can install the app.

How does it work?

This then establishes a remote connection with the phone you are trying to track without the other person’s knowledge, hence helping you get information about all the activities done by your target person. All the information can fall prey to any person running the software.

All this information is available on your online dashboard which appears on your laptop, phone or any device you are using for spying. You can then choose to read specific information and ignore the rest which does not look significant to you for example photos etc. While these apps do perform the basic function without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone, however, advanced functions like ambient listening are not available and for that, you will have to get in touch with the target phone at least once.


While downloading this app and installing it may seem fairly easy however over the period of time you may realize that your phone is being compromised. Your phone may become slow and could possibly have memory issues. If this does occur you could simply change your number and hence the spy app will stop working.

Factory resetting your phone is not sufficient to help stop the spy app from running and though it may make your phone better for a short period of time it will go back to being what it originally was.

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