Tinder Dating App: The Worst App Ever for Teens and Tweens?

tinder profile tracking app

In this fast paced world, it has become challenging for concerned parents to keep an eye on their children. With smartphones and instant internet facility all around us, things are pretty quick for kids and especially teens to adopt.

Tinder the most hazardous app that teens and tweens are getting attracted towards. This is a dating app for the adults, but its age constraint is only limited to 12, ONLY! This is the height of negligence by the online and application’s authorities. The app contains nudity and adult content that could harm the thought process of underage children the most.

Tinder Profile Tracker

Earlier, parents were concerned about kids watching restricted websites, but these days they have got some smartphone apps that are simply no-go-area for them, but there is no specific online prohibition to use by the underage kids.

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The installation and usage of this app is so straight forward. You just need to upload a startling photo of yours and enter your location. The user get to know the matching person in nearby location, they like each other and the conversation begins.


How is Tinder unsafe for the teens and tweens?

Now, this could be dangerous in a way that some child abuser could contact the kids too!  the increasing cases of paedophiles is a real concern for society and parents are usually very worried about their kids when they go out or with their friends.

Imagine if there would be some paedophile is round that corner, and then this app would be his or her merry place to hunt the kids.

Not only that it could be an easy way for the child abuse, but also the chances of cyber bullying are also very great with the Tinder app. Anyone, who do not like someone could get into chat with them and then post their chat’s screenshots. Some teenage girl or guy could get mentally disturbed or their self esteem could burn out for the rest of their lives.

teen using the Tinder app

The increasing cases of online harassment and bullying is mainly due to apps like Tinder where everyone thinks that girls are available to be called anything obnoxious that they want to.

Tinder is mainly focusing on someone’s appearance instead of their nature or achievements. The conclusive aim of Tinder is to make people getting succeeded with one night stands that are morally corrupt thinking.

According to the stats, the 7 percent of Tinder users are ranging from the age 13 to 17. This is alarming because the percentage of 6.7 percent users age between 35 to 44 years. There is nothing that you can say that it is limited to the virtual extent only, but with Tinder the issues are real. Minors could get hurt physically and mentally, both.

Many teens who have used Tinder told that the most common question there is about sexting. Guys can talk to anyone they want who could meet their sexual desires despite of getting connected emotionally. Not only has that, the teens also looked for someone who could get physical without expecting more than that. This gruesome for the parents to know that at the age where teens and tweens are in developing phase will be hooking up with some stranger and risking their whole lives.

Tinder has cased issues within their own company as well when it’s former female Vice President, Marketing sue the company with the charges of chauvinism and harassment over fellow workers. After that, their at- that-time CEO Sean Rad steeped down from his position.  

Parents cannot watch out children round the clock because these days you cannot stop them over with restrictions. Telling them what is right or wrong could be helpful, but again that is to some extent. Counsel your teen and tweens about the disadvantages and harms of such app could assist you in countering these incidents.

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Being a parent, you need to discuss things with your child that what is an unsafe attitude called and looks like.

Tell them that you are concerned about their online security and predators are around them, everywhere. Not only inform the kids, but also it is important to check that what kids have got in their phones.

How to overcome your child’s Tinder Usage?

We will never advise you to stop your children by force. The smartest way to counter this Tinder app is by blocking it from your child’s phone. Number of apps are available online that could not only block Tinder from your minor’s phone, but also get you the whole and in-depth information on what your kid is up to on his or her cell phone.

Likewise, this mSpy is a smartphone application that will help you in monitoring that whether they have got Tinder in their phone or not.

  • You can check that what was your child up to on his or her phone. On which number they are calling the most.
  • Get to know the current location of your child so that in the case of emergency, you could reach them straight away or inform police.
  • Parents can also scrutinise the apps present in the phone and get into the text messages too.
  • Other than getting knows the location, you can check their photos and video files too.
  • With the browser history, the parents can check that what emails they are receiving and what websites have been watched.
  • With the Facebook tracking feature, the parents can supervise whether children are trying to reach Tinder via Facebook because that is equally dangerous for them.
  • In the tab of phone management, parents can see the complete dashboard of activities and restrictions that they have put on. There are tabs like Phone settings, restrict incoming call numbers, phone information, and block phone by time options.

All of these features by mSpy seem very useful in securing teens and tweens from reaching to the abhorrent app like Tinder. mSpy tinder tracking also provides parents with the full report regarding their children’s phone so that they could stay up to date if they have missed something.

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