Top 5 Best Android Spy Apps Reviewed

best spy apps for android

best spy apps for android

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Staying connected has made life easy not only for children but also for parents. Parents can now easily keep track of their child’s whereabouts and are well aware of how to spy on an android phone’s activity for protection.

Parents are becoming more possessive of protecting their families. Monitoring and keeping track of activities on phones have created a market need for Android spy software.



Spy Software for Android Install Remotely

All you have to do is install the applications on your Android mobile phone and then through your phone, you can monitor each activity of other devices. Calls, messages, other applications and much more. Whatsapp, Kik, Line, Viber, Facebook, internet browsing and sharing all can be viewed with just one spy app.

Whatsapp, Kik, Line, Viber, Facebook, internet browsing and sharing all can be viewed with just one spy app.


Updated: June 2017!

Top 5 best spy apps for Android 2017

#1 – mSpy (Since 2003)

mspy login

For starters, it is the best monitoring app that offers customized monitoring services not only for mobiles but also other connected devices such as computers. It gives you remote access to your child’s devices and different features of the tracking device.

This Spy app covers more than 40 features of phone tapping, allows you to keep the monitoring secret. You can track Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, emails, and GPS location. Moreover, parents can block access to apps, view the stored pictures, videos, and contact. Most of all it is compatible with all famous devices and OS – Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

mSpy Keylogger efficiently track each keystroke letting you get hands-on text messages, emails, and passwords.

Furthermore, the app creators promise the best 24/7 online customer support with easy to understand instructions on their website. 

In a nutshell with this application, tracking is just 3 steps away and keeping it all secret.


#2 – Spyera (Since 2007)

spyera review

The most advanced spy app for Android

You can reveal the truth of the target mobile phone and tablet. They are highly focused on presenting advanced spy features to the customers, which many not have yet offered in the market.

Due to this, the spy app has received great reviews. This phone spyware allows 30 plus features which include call recording, listen to calls live, ambient listening, and covering many call/messaging apps.

With this spy app, you can also keep an eye on the video chats/calls. The reason it is not stated as No.1 is because it lacks 24/7 online chat support.

Most users prefer spyware app which offers them 24/7 support and access to monitored data.


#3 – MobiStealth (Since 2008)

mobistealth review

Keeping everything in focus. They cover not only mobile and other device applications but also helps you monitor emails. No system server downtime, quick maintenance, and low prices are the main highlight of this application.

With multiple features it allows the users to be on the track in all possible ways, keeping an eye on brewers, GPS tracking of the device and many more specifications.

This application is compatible with Android, iOS, BB, Symbios, PC – Windows and Mac OS.


#4 – Mobile-Spy

This is an all-rounder. It offers all those special spy features with high speed and reliability. Moreover, they go all-out for continuous transformation in their features. For first timers, this application may seem a bit confusing but if you follow the easy steps provided by the company, it all becomes 1, 2, 3, 4 done.


Hidden Spy Apps for Android

It allows you to control settings and monitoring of activities. This application not only works on iOS and Android but also on many platforms. The app requires logging in to view activity which keeps what you are observing at secrecy.

Where it falls a bit down is that too old users it still seems old they still do not feel the new or change.


#5 – Flexispy (Since 2006)

flexispy review

This application covers almost all of the calling and messaging apps. Like other apps, it offers the customers with complete remote access to other devices and allows the Eagles view.

It is easy to install and user-friendly, while it guarantees money back if not satisfied. The exclusive mechanism about this application is that you can allocate specifications according to your needs, like notification on call of a number etc.

Summing Up

Keeping all these applications and their features in mind the best one to go for would be This is mainly because only this app allows its user to keep the application hidden with all the features that rest of them offer.

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